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Radio frequency (RF) Holistic Body Treatment, Active Multi-Plate Technology

Optional integral treatments on three (3) different areas of the body at once

  • non invasive
  • feeds the body with energising radio waves
  • immediate visible results
  • improves bone density / calcium absorption
  • muscle regeneration
  • lymphatic drainage
  • stimulates and awakens entire body
  • stimulates metabolism – breaks down fat cells, body carries on losing weight & toxins thereafter
  • machine lifts – face, buttocks, breasts, instantly
  • cellulite treatment
  • builds immune system


  1. If red marks do appear then this indicates extreme toxin build-up in the area that has been treated.
  2. for optimum results do lymphatic drainage first session


moisturising treatment for young skins
nutrition for mature skins
eye bag and swollen eyelid treatment
toxin elimination treatment
dark eye ring treatment
rehydration and volumization of lips
cutaneous rejuvenation
orbicular treatment, naso-labial fold
expression lines and wrinkles
cutaneous revitalization
flabbiness and sagging in different areas of face
non-surgical face lift (nsfl)
cutaneous imperfections
penetration of cosmetic substances


forearm, breast, gluteous, abductor, abdomen firming and modelling
cellulitis (presence of adiposity on hips)
gluteous anti-cellulite and abdomen reduction
adiposity on abdomen
reduction and definition of waist and hip reduction
elimination of toxins
removal of localised liquid retention
postpartum treatment


dry skin
cutaneous imperfection

Feet and legs

dry skin
swelling, due to oedema
podal reflexology


progressive chemical depilation
pre-electrical and post-electrical depilation

Feet and legs

hair strengthening
hair loss treatment

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