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All treatments not cancelled 24 hours in advance will be charged for. Prices are subject to change


Student and Pensioner's Special 20% Discount - on presentation of card

Target your beauty objective:
After a personalised evaluation of your face and body beauty goals, your therapist will propose a customised treatment programme, combining the various patented modalities available here at Bodyologie, e.g. Peels, Skin Needling, CEYAS, Cosmecanique, Energist Ultra VPL®, TC Vein removal, Endermologie/Lipomassage, Patricia Clarke Bodywrap, BellaBaci cupping, Botox, Fillers, etc. Consultation
  Duration Price
CUSTOMISED: Unique to your concerns e.g. Ageing, pigmentation, acne, rejuvenation 1 hour from R500
ADVANCED FACIAL 1 h 30 mins R750
Teen facial time dependent R400
CEYA3000 "YOUTH ACTIVATOR" (radio waves):
Facial sculpting rejuvenator – one treatment 20 mins R340
Course of ten treatments for best results at special price 20 mins each R3000
Micro Skin needling:
- Wrinkles, Scars, Pigmentation
- Controlled injury produces new collagen & elastin
- Improves skin texture, firmness & hydration

Treatment with either the Dermapen or roller, Once off purchase of roller R1500

Face only
Face & neck

Face/neck & decolletee


Cryotherapy treatment - Cryopen:
Specifically for salon environment: skin tags, age spots, etc. /price dependent upon number of lesions done. 15 min R200/lesion
Lamelle 15% Beta Peel (Pigment Correct) Time dependent R450
Lamelle 20% Beta Peel (Pigment Correct) R500
Lamelle 15% Beta plus (Acne Correct) R300
Lamelle 20% Beta plus (Acne Correct) R350
Lamelle Lactifirm 30/10 (Age prevent) R500
  Duration Price
Fillers and Botox - Doctor on appointment
CONSULTATION (redeemed when you have treatment done) TBA
BOTOX: Forehead, frown, between eyebrows, crows feet (EYE AREA)
FILLERS: Lips, etc, per ampoule, dependent on product used
  Duration Price
Spider vein removal
TC3000 Instant spider vein removal - Consultation first (quote specific to area - face or body) - Quote
  Duration Price
Permanent hair removal and skin rejuvenation
Energist UltraVPL® (Laser Therapy): Prices below are a guideline only, special quote on assessment.
SKIN REJUVENATION: R250 a session and R12 per shot – Pigmentation/Acne/Wrinkles/Roseacea/Sun Damage/Hair growth stimulation
PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL: NB: The ideal time to do this treatment is in Winter
Upper lip R300
Chin R330/R550
Underarms R550
Bikini or Extended bikini from R500/R1100
Half back or chest R1350/R2500
Half back (including shoulders) R2200/R3300
Full back R3300
  Duration Price
Spray tan:
Spray tan (per session) 10 mins R330
  Duration Price
Permanent Makeup & Micro Blading on appointment: Justine Rose 0741039461
All initial procedures R1200 (including shaping) : i.e. Eyebrows; Eyeliner (top and bottom); Lipliner (including some shading, if required. Touch up procedure R750 Microblading Eyebrows –(including shaping) : Initial procedure R1200 and Touch Up Procedure R750
  Duration Price
Aromatherapy, Cupping, Indian head, Reflexology, Shiatsu (All massages are priced according to duration)
Back/neck/shoulder 20/30/45 mins R250/R300/R400
Full body 1 h/1h 30min R500/R600
Hot stone extra R50
  Duration Price
Full leg or 3/4 leg (Female) 30 mins R240
Half leg - upper or lower leg (Female) 15 mins R180
Full leg/back/chest – each (Male) 30 mins R230
Lower back 15 mins R130
Extended back (includes buttocks or shoulders) 20 mins R250
Shoulders/Buttocks 30 mins R160
Bikini line 15 mins R130
Bikini extended (Sideways) 30 mins R160
Bikini - Brazilian (Female) 60 mins R220
Bikini - Hollywood (Female) 60 mins R250
Underarm 15 mins R120
Half arm 15 mins R130
Full arm 20 mins R160
Full face includes cheeks, brow, upper lip and chin 60 mins R200
Lip/chin/brow/inner nose - each 15 mins each R70
Eyebrow shape 20 mins R90
Sideburns 15 mins R100
  Duration Price
Tinting / Shaping:
Eyelash tint and brow tint 20 mins R150
Eyelash tint 10 mins R100
Brow tint 10 mins R80
  Duration Price
Grooming: Hands and feet - Trained Nail Technicians in attendance
Foot peel, Acrylic, Gelit, Bio Sculpture Gel, Evo, Mia spotcare® for hands and feet (Age spot removal treatment)
Manicure 1 hour R230
Express Manicure 30 mins R160
Manicure with Gelit 1 hour R340
Pedicure 1 hour R250
Express Pedicure 30 mins R180
Pedicure with Gel overlay 1h 30mins R340
Pedicure with Gel fill 1h 30mins R340
Paraffin dip 15 mins R100
Spa pedicure incl. Exfoliation, Paraffin wax dip & massage 1h 30mins R340
Spa manicure incl. Exfoliation, Paraffin wax dip & massage 1h 30mins R320
Evo on toes alone 30 mins R180
Varnish 20 mins R80
Buff and paint 30 mins R110
Acrylic Tips - French/Natural 1hour R360/R380
Evo tips 1 hour R340
Evo French 1hour R220/R230
Acrylic Overlay - Colour/Natural 1hour R320/R310
Soak off with Evo 20 mins R45
Soak off with Acrylic 30 mins R70
Soak off and Buff 30 mins R85
Nail Art stickers/designer 15 mins R5/R20 each
Nail repair/Soak off and repair per nail 20 mins R30/R50
Mia spotcare® treatment for age, liver, sun spot removal, per spot   R30-R50 each
  Duration Price
Slimming treatments:
Patricia Clarke Body Wrap (
Lose between 18 to 80cm in 60 minutes – no water loss, only toxins 1 hour R500
LipoGon/Nucontour Treatment (
Rapidly metabolises & disperses targeted fat, awakens lymph 20 mins R320/R180 per shot
Lipomassage™ and Endermolift™ by Endermologie®: Cellulite treatment/recontours the body
14 Treatment course on a concentrated area (R200 each) 35 mins each R2,800
14 Treatment course special (R270 each), includes free pedicure 45 mins each R3,780
Body stocking (Consultation includes measurements & weigh ins) once-off fee R380
CEYA3000 "YOUTH ACTIVATOR" (using radio waves):
Body sculpting rejuvenator – individual treatment 20 mins R340
Course of ten treatments for best results at special price 20 mins each R3000
  Duration Price
Spa packages
1/2 Day Spa Packages:
Special quote available and customised to your specific requirements using the treatments on offer. This may also include the machines, e.g. CEYA equals a full spa experience. A 20 minute session is equivalent to a 3 day detox. Prior bookings are essential, preferably at least 2 weeks in advance and either 50% deposit or full payment to be made at least 1 week in advance. In peak season, to avoid disappointment, bookings should be made for during the week. Refreshments available.
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