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Patricia Clarke Body Wrap

What is a full Bodywrap: Lose 18 to 80cm in 90 minutes. To start with your measurements are taken and then recorded on a body chart. Patricia Clarke gel is applied to problem areas, neoprene bandages are then bound around you. For the next hour you lie still and relax throughout the treatment. The wraps are then removed and you are remeasured and the startling loss will be clearly recorded. Unlike weightloss treatments, they depend on body perspiration for the effects, drinking does not damage the achievements or replace the lost centimetres. It is not a sweat-loss technique, so with a correct eating plan, there's no time limitation on how long you remain looking trim.

If possible exfoliate the body and for the best results have a warm shower to open the pores in preparation for the gel. Lose between 15 and 80cm per hour.

  1. Your lifestyle? e.g. eating habits? Drinking habits? Do you drink water throughout the day?
  2. Before the measurements, and again after the wrap make sure you use the toilet.
  3. The tape measure must always be positioned at the same point when doing measurements before and after the wrap.
  4. The wrap needs to be tight and done in a spiral overlapping sequence.
  5. Your body must be free of all creams and oils so that the gel can penetrate the skin.
  6. Have you had plastic surgery - the elastin in the body will not be the same as somebody who has not had surgery, therefore it will take longer for the reduction of the cm's - you need to be honest with your therapist here.
  7. Any form of medication e.g. anti-depressants, tranquillisers will slow down the metabolism, therefore positive results will take longer.
  8. NB: You need to drink plenty of water to protect the kidneys while having the wraps. It is recommended that you have a glass of water before, during and after the wrap.
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